Sunday, 17 July 2016

Here's why a vote for Mui matters

When hope is done there’s always action. When action is done there’s always help. When help is done there’s always love. And come what may there’s always Mum.
How odd to watch a TV medical drama and to, in seconds, relive a moment when a preteen daughter’s body dangles grey and limp and lifeless from her mother’s arms. A moment when all hope’s extinguished – just when hope is needed most – and as her parents we both think this time our daughter’s gone.
Yet still the mad dash to find the ambulance that’s got lost; the mother’s calm refrain: ‘Please God, don’t let Mui die’; the mad dash in the ambulance to the hospital; the calm resolve of doctors doing what doctors do. Hour after hour, till finally hope seeps back and the memory gets flagged up to be suppressed.
Till unexpected moments when the memory bubbles up and briefly floods the mind. But always there is the laughter and the joking to wind the lock gates shut.
Always the morning after the night before is just another day.
Life always carries on… come what may.
Our daughter says: “I still find the idea crazy that two people who only wanted to volunteer for a short while ended up scrapping their future plans to raise me. That shows some pretty amazing selflessness. But I'm happy they did.
And I will never be able to understand how my mum and dad managed to keep me alive, especially when knowledge of Harlequin Ichthyosis was so little back then. But because of them, I’ve been able to grow up and hopefully lead a normal life. They’ve done an amazing job and even if I don't always show it, I’m lucky!

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