Saturday 10 December 2016

Please tell us what you think!

On Facebook, a friend of Mui’s wrote of her:

‘I happen to know this loud mouthed, persistent little monkey for the last 12 years (God really?!?) Do not be fooled – her unedited-not-for-the-shops life story is chock full of alcohol induced activities, (much like all of us really!), rugby stories, anger management failures, plots to kill mini bus drivers and name dropping of almost every celebrity known to hit HK. I’m pretty sure none of that is in this book that her lovely parents have written… But you might have to buy it to find out and if not – go and have a pint with Mui Thomas down the pub (your round btw).’
The line: I’m pretty sure none of that is in this book that her lovely parents have written begs the question: ‘What is in our book and why should people read it?’
Our book is a bare-knuckle account of how and why one woman (Tina), the birth-granddaughter of an Auschwitz survivor, overcame the traumas of her childhood and, quite by chance, came to fight for and adopt and raise an abandoned child with a deforming skin disorder in Hong Kong. And what that child – just a baby – overcame to stay alive and the challenges day-to-day from then on up to the present day.
This book does not sugarcoat the reality of raising an abandoned daughter with special needs, does not build false images and confronts the issues head-on. Like so many other families who nobody knows anything about, we are ordinary people dealing with an extraordinary situation. The “voice” of the book is Tina’s though it’s written by me. Mui has contributed her own words, too.
In the words of some of the people who have read it:
·         “This book unfolds a dramatic real life story between a young woman’s traumatic life (Tina’s) and how it impacted her and a child’s life (Mui)…”
·         “… the narrative of Mui’s life is interwoven with Tina’s story…”
·         “The action is solid, the dialogue flows, and the whole thing is smoothly paced. Love the touches of philosophy…”
·         “I experienced and absolute rollercoaster of emotions…”
·         “… once in a while a story comes along which makes you sit up and take note and makes you want to get your act together…”
·         “This is a must read for anyone that admires the enduring human spirit and how it it triumphs against all odds…”
Our daughter is an inspirational young woman not because she has a skin disorder – she has always been told her skin does not define her – but because with support, she’s willing to confront and overcome challenges that might break many of us. It's why, as a family, we give school and motivational talks together.
We are grateful to the Duchess of York who introduced us to her literary agent, and grateful too to Mui’s de facto godfather, Sir David Tang, for introducing us to the Duchess of York.
We are a family getting by in a little village in the eastern New Territories of Hong Kong. We never thought our story would interest anyone beyond friends and family.
Please tell us what you think.