Sunday 28 March 2021

“Well that was an unusual start to the morning!”


“Well that was an unusual start to the morning!” writes a webinar attendee.

At the risk of sounding realistic, most people assume they know our family story just by looking at our faces: “Girl with red skin, they saved her!” as Mui once put it.

Invited to speak at a global International Women’s Day event by global search specialists Taylor Root, Tina, Mui and I took part in our first webinar.

More feedback reads: “You, all three, are heroes… What an inspirational family… Even the Mum’s back story was incredible… Such an inspirational story and some very important points to take away and learn from…”

Tina, Mui and I share our family story in order to raise awareness by involving and hinting at aims for positive change.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen and everyone who made the effort to watch and listen.

Moderator and Lawyer, Sarah Ingwerson, of Taylor Root writes:

Rog, Tina and Mui were the guests for our company’s International Women’s Day 2021 webinar. As a family unit they shared their story of The Girl Behind The Face and highlighted the many issues they have faced; discrimination, prejudice, abuse, unwanted curiosity, hatred, cyberbullying, mental health issues and ultimately survival. They have forged a loving life together – full of love, compassion, humour and support - to overcome all of this. Their story was truly inspirational, uplifting, humorous and honest. The feedback from our global colleagues and clients has been overwhelming and your story has inspired us all. I have no doubt the messages you shared will challenge our behaviours by bringing awareness of the myriad of issues you discussed. You are all very special people and I feel honoured and privileged to have been a part of the discussion.

A big shout-out to tireless HK organiser Gabby Kitney.

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Thanks, Tina, Mui and me (Rog)