Monday 29 October 2018

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I'm out of hospital after 11 days on IV antibiotics. For a few days Tina was terrified. She was there for me day and night... as she was, aged 26, for Mui during Mui’s early years of endless hospitalisations. Tina is one amazing woman.

Mui’s psychiatrist says Mui processes empathy “differently”. Nevertheless, Mui has many great qualities. And she is never still! 

MUI says: “I took part in a fitness challenge called Project Change 2018 this summer. A 6 week body transformation challenge. For me, it was never about losing or gaining weight. I yo-yoed on the scales. Didn’t care. I won the challenge in a three way tie.

Every contestant was told to pick a charity. 

Once, I didn’t want anything to do with Ichthyosis. But because of our platform, The Girl Behind The Face, I was able to confront the fact that I have HI. I have been taught by my parents to give everything a go. I wanted to show people that no matter your limitations, don’t let that stop you from doing your thing.”

TINA says: As The Girl Behind The Face, the three of us have raised HK$36,515 for Ichthyosis related causes. Mui’s Project Change win means US$243 for the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types.

Here’s a video of Mui’s Project Challenge:

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